Andreas Eriksson

Board member & CFO
  • Economics education from the University of Dalarna.
  • Board member of Eurobrands AB and CEO of Eurobrands distribution AB.
  • Former CMO and CFO at Eurobrands AB.

Erik Elnes

Board member
  • Graduated in business administration from BI.
  • Since 2010 worked as a private investor/advisor.

Has more than 20 years of experience as a stock/bond broker in various Norwegian brokerage houses..

Espen Andersen

Board member
  • Department of Business Administration (Business Administration and Real Estate Studies)
  • Westerdal's Oslo Law (Studies in Information Technology)
  • Employee and owner of Byggforvaltning AS.
  • Founder, owner and board member of Skiguard AS.

Board member AS + 11 other reputable board assignments.

Arve Egil Håbjørg

Board member
  • Graduated from Norges Handelshøyskole.
  • Started as an accountant at Arthur Andersen and then went to Telenor as a controller.
  • Has international experience from, among other things, assignments abroad in Asia and Africa.
  • Strong in digitisation, contributed to making Computas and Shortcut market leaders in Norway and the Nordics.
  • Has board assignments in various small and medium-sized companies.

Works as CFO in Unacast.

Claes Fredrik Holmberg

Chairman of the Board
  • MSc in technical physics and technology PhD in theoretical physics.
  • For more than 30 years, Claes has worked as an entrepreneur and ran innovative companies that made it from an early stage to an international market.
  • Claes is chairman of the board of Norse Impact AB, PExA AB and Emotra AB, all companies listed on Spotlight Stockmarket.
  • He is a board member of GOKAP Holding AB, GOKAP Invest AB and Torpa Industrier AB

Claes has previously, among other things, been CEO of Emotra AB, Biolight AB (2003-2011) and MediTeam AB/Biolin AB (1996-2003), as well as Head of Research and Development and Deputy CEO of Nobel Biocare AB (1986-1995).


Kristofer Håkansson

Deputy auditor

Authorized auditor at RSM Revison KB

Both were elected at the 2021 AGM

Thomas Belfrage


Authorized auditor at RSM Revison KB