Corporate social responsibility

1: Introduction

The Harm Reduction Group defines corporate social responsibility as achieving commercial profitability in a manner consistent with fundamental ethical values and with respect for individuals, the environment and society. Through profitable and responsible operations, our companies create positive economic, environmental and social rings on the water. Harm Reduction Group companies must respect human rights and workers' rights, establish good environmental, health and safety (HSE) standards, facilitate a good dialogue with stakeholders and generally operate in accordance with applicable regulations and good business practice.

In line with the Harm Reduction Group's decentralised company structure, each company has an independent responsibility to exercise corporate social responsibility in accordance with the Harm Reduction Group's principles, but has the freedom to design its own operations and instruments for this. Harm Reduction Group follows the ten principles of the UN's Global Compact, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the OECD's guidelines for multinational companies, and the Nordic consistency principles are established with these principles as a basis.
The document applies to all wholly owned companies and jointly controlled companies where they have been agreed as part of the ownership agreement.

2: A strong corporate culture

Harm Reduction Group's companies will work towards an open corporate culture that promotes collaboration and is based on Harm Reduction Group's goals and values. To promote Harm Reduction Group's principles of good business practice, we must respect local values and norms and succeed by bridging different cultures and interests. Harm Reduction Group companies must always comply with local regulatory requirements in the countries where they operate.

3: Respect for human rights and employee rights

Harm Reduction Group companies must promote corporate behavior that reflects respect and concern for others. We are committed to respecting fundamental human rights and the rights of employees, both in our own internal operations and in our relationships with business partners, customers and others directly affected by the company's operations.
Companies must systematically work on important issues such as non-discrimination, the right to privacy, the right to negotiate, employment contracts, protection against harassment and cooperation between senior executives.

4: Environment, health and safety

Harm Reduction Group's companies must strive for a vision of zero damage to people, the environment and society, and work purposefully and systematically to prevent negative effects in all parts of the business. The companies' products and services must always be subject to strict requirements for quality, product safety and impact on human health and the environment.

5: Responsible marketing methods.

Sales and marketing of Harm Reduction Group's products and services must take place with regard to local regulatory requirements and in accordance with the principle of free and fair competition.
The companies must follow good business practice and respect the established rights of competitors. When selling in new markets, an assessment of political and legal risks should be made, and the necessary steps should be taken to ensure prudent and responsible practices.
Harm Reduction Group places great importance on product safety, good customer service and responsible marketing and is committed to conducting due diligence with regard to the interests of consumers.

6: Responsible purchasing

Harm Reduction Group's companies must actively promote good labour and environmental standards in their supply chains. This means establishing ethical standards for its suppliers, assessing the risk of potential supplier violations of these standards and initiating a dialogue with at-risk suppliers about necessary improvements. The work to influence suppliers should be based on an ambition for continuous improvement and should focus on the suppliers and product categories where the risk is considered to be the greatest.

7: Community engagement

In order to achieve a long-term and profitable business, we must maintain the trust of the population. We strive to be responsive to society's needs and maintain an active dialogue with important stakeholder groups.

Harm Reduction Group is based on good cooperation with authorities regardless of party affiliation and will not provide financial support to political parties or participate in the parties' election campaigns. This principle shall in no way prevent our employees from engaging in political activities.

Harm Reduction Group and its companies have a joint responsibility to promote the group's principles of corporate social responsibility towards companies in which the group has ownership interests and other business contacts.

Harm Reduction Group's CSR policy does not give customers, suppliers, competitors, shareholders or other persons or entities any legal rights other than those set out in applicable legal provisions.

Harm Reduction Group's corporate social responsibility guidelines do not give customers, suppliers, competitors, shareholders or other persons or entities any legal rights beyond what follows from applicable legal regulations.