What is Harm Reduction?

A step on the way to a life without addiction, or a significantly less risky alternative to harmful tobacco products? Harm Reduction is a method and in many ways an attitude to reduce the risks and damages of tobacco use.

People continue to smoke and snus regardless of how much information and evidence there is showing the health risks. Harm Reduction only happens when you decide to switch to a less risky alternative that can satisfy both addiction and needs - but still reduces the risks of injury and illness.

Better alternatives to smoking are required

The overall goal of Swedish tobacco policy is to reduce all tobacco use and prevent minors from starting to use tobacco. Smokers must become aware of the alternatives that exist today in order to create any major change on a broad front. New tobacco-free products serve as an alternative route when existing routes have been tried without success.

We believe it is easier to change products than to break an addiction.

Tobacco-free innovations

Every day we use innovations designed to reduce harm to ourselves – sunscreen, seat belts, bicycle helmets – the list goes on and tobacco free products belong on that list. A protection for everyone who would otherwise smoke ordinary cigarettes.