Mergers & Acquisitions

As one of the very few listed companies in the non-smoke segment, and in addition to solid organic growth with continued healthy operating finances, we an aggressive growth strategy with a focus on acquisitions and mergers.

As a goal, strategic acquisitions must take place at favorable levels. As a general rule, companies must meet clear requirements:

  • Established in their respective markets
  • Positive cash flow
  • Unrealised potential in the form of purchasing agreements, synergies and other economies of scale

Retail channels and distribution networks will be built to drive significant volumes of self-produced brands within and outside the Nordic region.

Recent events:

  • October 2021: Approved re-listing on Spotlight
  • November 2021: Acquisition of Dampmonopolet (Norway)
  • November 2021: Acquisition of Norsevape Ltd (UK)
  • December 2021: Acquisition of DMG 1001 Larvik AS (Norway)
  • December 2021: LOI – acquisition of Eurobrands
  • December 2021: Exclusive deal and OEM with Riot Squad E-Liquid (3-way)
  • December 2021: Exclusive agreement with Flavor Warehouse Ltd (two-way)
  • December 2021 Name change from Sealwacs AB to Norse Impact AB