About the Harm Reduction Group

Tobacco belongs to history

We are the future

We want to be the best alternative to tobacco. With a growing range of e-cigs, white snus and other alternative nicotine products, we are getting closer to a tobacco-free society every day.

We started with e-cigarettes and alternatives to tobacco back in 2013. Back then, we were quite alone in believing in a future in this category - but time has proven us right. More and more people are realizing that tobacco belongs to history. What we are doing, that is the future.

Our products are not risk-free and contain nicotine which is addictive. But because they are all tobacco-free, they are a much better choice for adults than continuing to smoke.

We want to change people's behavior

Many people have already switched to our tobacco free products and left cigarettes behind and we are convinced that this is just the beginning of our journey as a company and our joint journey towards a tobacco free society.

Several hundred thousand Swedes still use Snus and smoke cigarettes. It's nothing to hide under the chair, we would prefer to see everyone just quit and live a life free of tobacco and addiction. But that's wishful thinking.

What we can do, however, is offer a less harmful but equally satisfying alternative. To actually extend life and reduce tobacco related diseases just by switching products.